I’m not even entirely sure how I came across this article published on elephant journal, the title grabbed my attention right away.  Rightfully.  I have to admit, the page has been open on my laptop for a few days-   I’ll read it today, after this call, when I finish this email, and three days later… But, HOLY! I’m so glad I read it.  Kate Rose  you wrote this for me and I am so thankful.

It’s like she went into my head and put into words the things I was feeling, the doubts, the uncertainties, she clarified them for me.   She reminded me that I am a wild one- I love with the furry of tornado, I am walking chaos but I am magnificent in this chaotic beauty.  I have dreams, I have hopes, I have desires, I am burning with spirit, I am fire, I am alive- and a simple man just won’t do.  I need a man who won’t want to extinguish that fire with his insecurities. Who won’t try to mold me into what he needs or who he needs me to be but who will accept me as I am and love me more for needing to be her, for wanting to be that woman, for not being afraid to be that woman.  I DON’T NEED A MAN I NEED A GODDAMN WARRIOR because I am a goddamn goddess.

Life is heartbreaking, love is heartbreaking, but it’s wonderful and satisfying and gratifying too- and when you can go through it together, what could be better. This makes me want to be in Love again, and I haven’t said that in months. With the right person this time, with a goddamn warrior.

I need to print this and keep it near me for the days when I create stories in my head, when the hurt is unbearable.  I need to remember that a man who douses my fire because of his insecurities, who left me to walk alone, to fend for myself when I was broken- he is not worthy of me, of sharing my life with me, of my smiles or my tears.

To my sweet wild woman, I know why it hasn’t worked out with anyone else—you don’t need a man, but a goddamn warrior.

You are the strength of Turkish coffee at sunrise darlin’ and don’t try to pretend that you’re not.

You are one of the wild ones, and no matter how you tried to hide that fact, you can’t be anything other than what you are—and that’s okay. You are just as you are supposed to be, magnificently wild in all of your chaotic beauty.

I know you’ve had your heart broken and I know that you don’t understand why it always seems to never work out, but I’ve finally figured it out:

You don’t need a man, you need a goddamn warrior.

It doesn’t matter if this warrior drives a Jeep or a shiny sports car, and it won’t matter if he wears silk or cotton—it will not even matter if he works in a high-rise, or on the night shift.

What is going to matter is that when it comes to taking bets on your heart, he is going to be high stakes—all the way.

This warrior of yours will crave your strength, and your intensity. He’s going to look at you and not see something to tame, but something to just fuckin’ admire. This warrior of yours won’t be someone that you can manipulate or play with as you have in the past, so honey, don’t even try—and trust me, you’re going to love him even more because of it.

Because you aren’t just a woman, you’re a goddamn goddess.

Your fierceness is going to bring him to his knees every single time he looks into your gorgeous eyes, but the difference is, unlike the others, he isn’t going to be scared off. No, this time, you will have finally met your match—because a simple man for you just won’t do.

You need someone to match the fire in your eyes with his own. Not only that, my little wild thing, but this warrior of yours is going to want to encourage the flames instead of trying to douse them with his own insecurities.

Because for you, a warrior is the only man who will ever live in the wild with you.

He may not have to slay any dragons to earn your love, but he would still walk through fire if it meant seeing that amazing smile that you hold in reserve for only him.

This is the thing, free spirit, this warrior you seek….he’s seeking you too.

For he’s had failed relationships that have left him wondering if maybe he was meant to be alone for the rest of his journey—and you’re going to change all of that for him. You both have been travelling along on your separate journeys and have been doing an okay job at it, but that about to change too.

Because baby, when you and this warrior of yours meet and collide—it’s going to be a love set on fire.

Don’t try to run this time—I know your heart has been broken before, and that you’re not used to things working out, but this time it’s different. Give yourself time to see that.

This warrior of yours needs to see that it’s possible for someone to see all of his wild, and still be there when he craves his freedom and ventures off into this world for a bit. You won’t always need to follow him, just as he won’t always follow you. Let yourself stay wild, even when all you want to do is curl up in that spot along his side and forget the rest of the world exists.

Let yourself still wander naked under the full moon, and drink moonshine with the stars. Let yourself feel the pull of the wind on your heart, and the sun toward a new journey. Because this warrior is going to love you because of your wild—and he’ll want you to keep it.

You’ll be in this together now, this amazing, crazy, chaotic, wonderfully heartbreaking life—because it takes a warrior to love a goddess. And it takes a goddess to show a warrior what real love is.

So pack up your insecurities and your ideas about picket fences, because that was never you anyway. You were born knowing that you were destined for more, and now is the time for you to see what all those dreams look like.

There is no stopping a love like this, so promise me you’ll hold out just a little bit longer.

Have a little bit of hope, and always give love just one more try, because I promise you my sweet wild woman—the love that you seek is seeking you as well.