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Dear Lover

Dear Lover,

You were my lover, my partner, my friend and for no other reason then my own selfishness, I turned my back on you. I threw you away. I made you feel inadequate, like you were the reason for all my suffering, the cause of all my troubles.  Your happiness was my unhappiness, your strength was my weakness.

Unlike you, she has no expectations of me, as a man, a lover, a partner, a provider. Her world revolves around me. Her happiness depends on me. She needs me and I need this. Continue reading “Dear Lover”

Loving can hurt

It’s true what they say- love is blind, it makes you do things that are irrational, it makes you forget all reason, you put yourself aside to make the other person happy, even when they give you nothing in return. We get so caught up with the idea of being in love that we forget what it means, what it actually means.

Continue reading “Loving can hurt”

Essays on heartbreak

Heartbreak sucks. No, its much worse then that. Heartbreak, breaks. Badly.

January 28, 2016. When did that happen. The last six months have been a blur. An amalgamation of blurs, leading to this moment. Me, sitting here in front of my computer, deflated, destroyed, defeated. Heartbreak has broken me to my breaking point, it’s do or die. Do whatever you have to do to move past this or die. Ok, maybe I am being a little melodramatic. I won’t die. I don’t think. Although sometimes it feels like it’s hard to breath, and I may. Just. Die.

Of heartbreak. Continue reading “Essays on heartbreak”

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